An opportunity to catch up!

It had been a longtime since my last up date and a lot has happened! We experienced our first trip to John Lewis wrote when we got so freaked out we left with a musical sheep! Just finished our antenatal classes with the NCT where we learnt a lot about what to expect and met a lot of friendly couples! It was good to see that everyone was just as unprepared for what was to get me as we were, even those whose birthdate is imminent!  We learnt a lot about the birthing process and the options involved. I couldnt help but come away from it thinking that we wouldnt really have much choice on the day and we will probably just end up  trusting the fantastic professionals at the midwifery unit! Although a natural birth sound like a good plan it isn’t me who we be going through it and whatever my wife wants at the time will undoubtedly be the best choice!

Talking about my wife, she has been managing very will in her 33rd week! She has been crawling around the floor tonight trying to sew some amazing curtains together for the nursery! She has also made all manner of things for the baby and I plan on displaying g them in my next post! Only 7 weeks left……





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