The second/ third scans…

Its been a busy time over the last couple of weeks so I failed to post . However, I did want to let you know about our experiences at the second (and third) scan, where you can discover the sex of the baby…

Feeling more confident thus time around we drove to the hospital, parked in the correct place this time and sauntered into the midwifery unit. I collected our picture token while my wife checked us in. I was armed with a magazine this time but my wife came back with a sign up book for antenatal classes. We had already signed up for the NCT course so we are still deliberating on this! I did look at the I formation about the scan though and realised for the first time that there would be lots of important measurements made! I think I had always known this but tried not to think about the implications. So instead of reading my magazine and looking cool, I was fidgeting and feeling vaguely worried!

Very soon our name was called and we went into the scanning room. My wife once again had worn sensible legging and a top.  I can only imagine that it could be embarrassing if you chose to wear a dress! We were soon staring at the monitor in rapt attention as we could again see our baby. I was once more amazed to see how human-like it looked and very soon a number of readings were being called out. At one stage we saw our baby’s face – an amazing experience because it seemed to be looking straight at us! However the serene moment was somewhat spoiled as the sonographer seemed to keep slightly zooming in and out. It is probably hard to keep the scan stable, especially if the baby is moving but the end result was that after seeing the face we then saw the skull, then face then skull and finally the brain – as if our baby was staring in its own horror movie!

Soon after the moment arrived when we were asked “Do you want to know the sex of the child?”. Now we had both decide to keep it a secret but I knew this moment would be hard! I didn’t realise that we would have to look away while 2 other people in the room were looking at the answer to our mystery! Me and my wife looked at each other to ensure the other didn’t cheat but it was very tempting to look!

Now it seemed like our darling child wasn’t in the mood for sitting still and despite much prodding we were told that we would have to have another scan in a couple of weeks. That scan went fine but it did make me realise why a sonographer keeps up with seemingly inane chat during the scan. Its because as soon as they stop you instantly start to worry about why they are suddenly concentrating so much on the screen.. “What have they seen? Is there something wrong? WHY AREN’T THEY TALKING!!!!” At least they were the questions that went around my head until the glorious inane prattle started up again!

The shocking skull image!

The shocking skull image!