Hello world!

Hi, I am an expecting Dad (well my wife is, I can’t take much credit at this stage!) in his late 20s who after reading the excellent book, ‘Diary of a desperate dad’ by Sam Jackson, thought I would have a go at writing my own blog. This is in no way a blog about how to train other Dads, the Dad I am refering to is myself. I would be honoured if anybody found this blog useful but I am also using it as a way to catalogue my own journey into the world of Fatherhood!

Over the Summer I had many thoughts on what I could be doing for a hobby. It seemed like a good idea to try something I would like to do before the arrival of our child early next year. My ideas ranged from continuing my home-brewing (a hobby that after a successful year has been left in the shed this time around after one batch can only be described as tasting like disinfectant!), writing a fantasy book (this idea lasted all of a week and I am sure that I will cringe should anybody find my notebook of ‘Game of Thrones’ inspired ramblings) or getting out on my bike more. This last think I have managed although when I went to Aldi today for some passata and came back with ‘team’ cycling shorts I did have to wonder whether I will ever get time to wear them next Summer after our new arrival?!

That last thought was the final push that brought me to my computer, I would like to let people like myself know the answers to the myriad of questions that I have at the moment. These range from will I get a chance to go bike-riding? Should I get a moses basket, a crib or both? Do I actually need a travel system instead of a pushchair? And even what does EWCM stand for (if you don’t know and your partner is already pregnant….Don’t ask!). Over the last few months I have seen that there is a ridiculous amount of information out there and this is a way to share my findings and thoughts as the moment of the birth approaches.

Who knows, I might even get to write about what happens after the birth too!


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